SINCE 1952

Radio, Film & TV Design and Research Institute (DRFT), found in 1952, is the member of Fédération lnternationale Des lngénieurs Conseils (FIDIC). DRFT has Class A certification on radio, film& television industry design, building engineering design, engineering surveying, engineering consulting, engineering cost consulting, intelligent building design, and part of electronic communication project design. Furthermore,DRFT is also qualified for overseas project contracting. DRFThas over 300 employees, which includes 5 master-level designers (national honor), more than one hundred senior engineers and nearly one hundred registered engineers with multitechnology backgrounds.

Over more than 50 years, DRFT has made great achievement and have got many awards. For example, DRFT has got the Golden medals of the National Excellent Design Prize in Radio, Film & TV industry because of the successful completion on the projects of Beijing TV Tower, CCTV centre, the Great Hall"s sound reinforcement system.